Voter Turnout in the Age of COVID

A post tracking Travis County voter turnout at a precinct-level.

Current voter turnout (% of registered voters):

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Percent of 2016 turnout:

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What am I looking at?

These maps show voter turnout across voter precincts in Travis County, Texas for the current 2020 general election. Currently, we are in the early voting period. The maps show both in-person and those mail-in ballots that have been received. The County shares voting data daily showing who voted for each day.

Why track this?

Austin is a very segregated city so it can be insightful to look at what neighborhoods are turning out to vote. Also, with the on-going pandemic, there is a lot of interest in how that will impact voting turnout. I made this since there isn’t a freely available precinct-level turnout map for everyone’s benefit. I believe we should work to make sure we get as many people as possible out to vote. I hope this map will make that mission easier.

Where is the data from?

Voter precinct shapefile: Travis County Tax Assessor’s Office

Daily Vote Total files: Travis County


This is a personal project of mine and is not an official source of election information.


Written on October 20, 2020