November 2021 Elections Turnout

A post tracking the November 2021 Travis County voter turnout at a precinct-level.

Last Update: Data through end of early voting

Current voter turnout (% of registered voters):

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Votes Cast Vs. Not (yet?) Cast:

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What am I looking at?

During early voting, Travis County posts daily updates as votes are cast early or by are received by mail. These maps show voter turnout by election precinct. This November election deals with a number of statewide, county, and city ballot propositions.

Why track this?

These off-year elections typically have much lower turnout than the gubernatorial or presidential year elections. Turnout can easily tip the balance in an election like this. Tracking what parts of the county are (or are not) turning out to vote early can give an indication to where we’re heading.

Past Comparison

May 2021’s election was pretty unique. Proposition B was put on the ballot by the same group as the current (November 2021) Austin Proposition A. Austin is already pretty divided along East Vs. West due to two centuries of racist policies. Prop B passed overall in Travis County by 14% (57 to 43, note that the City of Austin also contains parts of Hays and Williamson County). West of Mopac (State Highway Loop 1), it received 73% support while it barely passed east of Mopac with 51% support. This division will be something I’m watching as an indicator on how things could be leaning.

Current Turnout

Overall in Travis County in May 2021, 22.5% of voters cast a ballot. West of Mopac voters turned out at a much higher rate at 30.3%. Current early voting results are shown below as well.

Where is the data from?

Voter precinct shapefile: Travis County Tax Assessor’s Office

Daily Vote Total files: Travis County

My processed data


This is a personal project of mine and is not an official source of election information.


Written on October 19, 2021