Texas COVID Vaccinations By Zip Code

An interactive map of vaccinations by ZIP code in Texas.

Updated: March 15th, 2021

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What am I looking at?

Texas Department of State Health Human Servcies (DSHS) has recently began publishing vaccination totals by zip code. I have joined population data to find approximate vaccination rates per zip code area.


There are missing areas on this map. Zip codes are not defined as polygon areas, I have used the Census Bureau’s approximation of zip code polygons called ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTA5). These omit a lot of federal areas like military bases (Fort Hood). Also, the State does not publish the exact number of vaccinations if it is less than 5. For simplicity’s sake, I have ignored those areas for now, which is why West Texas is pretty sparse (for now).

Population figures are based on 2016 data, which is pretty far out of date now as well.

Zip codes are self-reported by people filling out forms to get the vaccine. People are human and may not know their own zip code or put down a wrong zip code. For example on college campuses, people may put down their hometown zip code. This data does not include any out of state residents who were vaccinated in Texas, either.

This is a personal project of mine and is not an official source of public health information.


Written on March 5, 2021