Austin Scooter Trip Density Map

Where should we implement changes to reduce dockless vehicle parking problems?

A few weeks ago the City of Austin published the live-updating dockless mobility trip dataset. The data goes back to April 2018.

To show where scooters are being parked around the city, I mapped where people pick up and park scooters. On the map this is shown as the sum of trips originating and ending in Austin (minimum 20k total trips). Regardless of a scooter trip beginning or ending, a scooter will need to be parked somewhere. From this map we can see where the highest parking-related impacts will be found around the city.

This has created some problems around Austin including blocked sidewalks, ramps, and stairs. UT Austin is now impounding and issuing fines for improperly parked scooters. Many have blamed riders or vandals for improperly parked scooters, but few blame our lack of sufficient sidewalk space.

Throughout the Campus area, many newly improved sidewalks are well used as scooter and bike parking. However, especially on campus sidewalks are older and can be blocked by only one improperly parked scooter.


Historically, the City of Austin has had serious problems maintaining sidewalks and expanding the network. The city should divert scooter licensing funds to help pay for these improvements. UT should use funds from parking fines to create more designated parking spaces and improve sidewalks. UT and the COA should also continue creating specific spaces for dockless vehicles as they currently block many bicycle racks around town.


Written on February 11, 2019