Measuring COVID-19

A post dedicated to measuring the impact and recovery of COVID-19 in the Austin area.

I will update these charts periodically with new data.

May 4th, 2021 thoughts & takeaways:

  • Traffic volumes were about 82% of the pre-COVID numbers during April, which is only about a 1-2% increase since March. The big rebound in traffic volumes that was potentially expected after the removal of COVID restrictions in March and the vaccine distribution hasn’t happened. Yet?

  • Ignoring the potential outliers back on October 4th and 5th, a new daily post-COVID record was set for traffic volumes on April 25th where volumes were 90.0% of normal conditions.

  • Bird deployed some a new scooter model to Austin streets over the past month. A new operator “LINK” has deployed 500 scooters. April kept pace with the increase during Spring Break and averaged about 70,000 trips a week.

  • Passengers through the Austin Airport TSA checkpoint have rebounded to about 60% of pre-COVID numbers.

Past Thoughts & Takeaways

Live Updating Data (Daily at ~3AM Central):

Data sourced from the city of Austin open data portal.

Note: Some micromobility trips data can take about a week to update, the most recent few days of data may not be representative of the actual count.

Data sourced from the city of Austin open data portal.

Data sourced from the city of Austin open data portal.

Periodically Updated Data:

Last update: May 4th, 2021

This repo merges both Google & Apple mobilty data into one file.

Austin Airport passengers through TSA checkpoints (updated October 1st):

TSA updates this data periodically.

Credit to this repo who is crunching the numbers

Austin travel times post-COVID

Comparing to this time last year, these Austin corridors have seen a 30% reduction in travel time. This works out to being a 94% reduction in congestion for only 40-50% decrease in volume. For details, check out this full post on it here. Working with this bluetooth data from the publicly available open data portal was a lot of work so give it some love.


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Written on April 29, 2020